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Heads up - now we are becoming Upheads

In the fall, we told you that Upheads has purchased WeSafe and now we're taking the next step in our shared journey and changing our name. But don't worry, you as a customer will still get the personalized treatment from the same employees. Here we have gathered questions and answers about how the merger will will benefit you and what will change and what will continue as usual.

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Now WeSafe Upheads!

[ Questions and answers ]

  • What is going on?

    Norwegian IT provider Upheads has bought WeSafe, which means that our two companies are merging. In connection with the merger, WeSafe changes its name to Upheads. What you know today as WeSafe will in the future constitute the Swedish part of Upheads.

    The positive thing about the merger is that we will be bigger together, which means that you as a customer will have access to a larger and broader range of services. Together we will be big enough to be an even safer partner for you as a customer - but still not too big to really be able to be personal in the small and show that we care about you as a customer, just as we have always done under the WeSafe brand.

  • What happens to the Swedish organization?

    We retain employeesthe, skillsand and the customer-facing functionsin in Sweden. As a customer, you continue as usual with the same contact persons and the flexible and close cooperation with us. The merger means that we get access to more colleagues with more knowledge and new skills, and that we collaborate across national borders to become both better and smarter as a team. Among other things, we are looking at establishing a Nordic SOC with 24/7 monitoring and support for our customers who need it.

  • Why are Upheads and WeSafe joining forces?

    With the fast pace of development in the IT field, there is a value in i being more people who can capture, deepen and manage theknowledge and skills you as a customer expect from an IT partner in cloud services, AI and IT security.. Together, we become we simply more robust, with the opportunity to learn from each othera. We are keen that new Upheads continues to have agreat focus on constant learning that will benefit you as a customer both today and tomorrow.

  • What does this mean for me as a customer?

    At the core, we will still be the same sharp, safe and personal WeSafe as before - but with a new name and look. We hope you will feel even more comfortsecurity in us as a partner then WeSafe and Upheads together become a larger company through the merger. You as a small or medium-sized company will get access to a larger and broader range and have access to a wideare expertise.

  • How can as a customer or partner of WeSafe ask questions about the merger?

    If you have a contact person with us, you are always welcome to ask questions, otherwise you can use the contact form at the bottom of this page or call us on 040-626 75 00.

  • Will there be any changes to the products and services I have today?

    The products and services you have from WeSafe since before will continue to be available going forward. In addition to our strong offerings in cloud services, IT security and AI. twe are right now on how we can complement and grow our offering based on what Upheads already offers on the Norwegian market.

  • Will I look to Norway for help in the future?

    The basic idea is that the Swedish market will be served by Swedish Upheads, which until now has been WeSafe, while the Norwegian market will be served by the former Upheads. We are keen to be present in the local market for our local customers. Therefore, all customer-oriented functions, such as sales, delivery and customer service, will to a large extent be available in parallel in both countries, adapted to the needs of the local market.

    At the same time, the merger will offer new opportunities to share knowledge and benefit from skills and experience between markets. This is a strength both for you as a customer and for us as a company given the rapid development that is taking place right now in the IT field.

  • What happens to WeSafe's great corporate culture going forward?

    One of the main reasons why WeSafe and Upheads decided to merge is that we see that our corporate cultures are similar in many ways.

    Like us at WeSafe, Norwegian Upheads has a clear focus on delivering innovative IT services within cloud, security and digitalization to small and medium-sized companies. We all care about being available when needed and talking in a way that you as a customer understand what we mean. We are forward-looking, smart (albeit with a twinkle in our eye 😉) and focus on delivering solutions that really work .

    Our Norwegian colleagues already call it "IT with meaning" - and offering services and solutions that deliver value and create meaning for the business is something we are happy to endorse here in Sweden too!

  • What synergies do you foresee when WeSafe and Upheads merge?

    In addition to the opportunities to share and scale knowledge and skills between countries, we look at the benefits we can achieve by working together. One area we are looking at is the work done in Norway to establish systems and processes to take customer care and quality assurance work to the next level. Better administrative support here hopefully means that we will have more time for what we are most passionate about: helping you and our other customers to find IT solutions that make sense for their businesses.

    We will gradually integrate functions and processes where we see that it will be of greater benefit to you as a customer and smoother for our employees, not for the sake of it.

  • Will I get new contact details for you with the name change?

    You will have contact with the same employees you have since before also after the merger. As we change our name and brand from Wesafe to Upheads, our web address will change to and all employees' e-mail addresses from to During a transition period, both our new and our old email addresses will work in parallel.

    If you want to visit us, you are welcome to the same address in Malmö as before until the summer, when we will move to new premises at Boplatsen in Malmö. We will keep our opening hours and phone number.

  • How will the login to the support portal work in the future?

    You will be invoiced from a new system and have access to Customer Web where you can log in and see all your invoices. There you can also see the specification of time, licenses and active services.

[ Do you have questions or concerns about the merger? ]

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