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Upheads Cloud customer

The offer is for all customers who place their licenses with us and is the basis of the equation to reallocate time and finances from operations to innovation to create competitiveness.

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With Uphead's Cloud Client you get:

  • Access to Uphead's Cloud Marketplace - our hub for licenses, reporting and information.
  • Specialist skills
  • Continuous documentation and categorized case logging
  • Free customer service ticket
  • Access to our customer and training portal
  • Access to our hardware portal
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Personalized support and specification of work carried out

As an Upheads customer, you get access to personalized supportwhich for that matter will not be personalized. You can always turn to a dedicated consultant with a direct number, but to ensure fast and efficient help, you also have access to the entire support team.

Through good documentation and structured case logging, all our consultants can all our consultants can familiarize themselves with your environment and resolve any problems. You get monthly access to specification of the work carried out.

[ What is included in our Upheads Cloud Customer offer? ]

  • Uphead's customer service bot

    To further increase the level of support and ensure your productivity, you, as a customer of ourshave access to our customer service bot. The bot is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help solve your problems completely free of charge!

    The bot ensures availability and quick responses to questions as they arise, so that each individual user can be helped on their own terms and remain productive.

    The bot will quickly become an obvious place to solve your problems. When more specific and complex problems arise, you can easily, by typing "Uphead's help", chat with support directly or open a case directly with the bot. The bot also helps you add and remove licenses.

  • Excellence in the licensing of Microsoft cloud services

    As a customer of Upheads you ensure that your organization has the right contract form and the most efficient licensing model. You get access to our expertise in the licensing of Microsoft's cloud services.r, vwe will be your advisor and sounding board for your questions about your digital assets.

    We keep up to date with new licenses and contractual arrangements, while getting to know your organization to match your needs with the supply of the

    We manage licenses for about 300 organizations and our experience is that many pay for licenses that are not used. To prevent this, we have developed a service that identifies unused licenses and automatically reports unused licenses, this way we ensure that you only pay for the licenses that are actually used.

  • What opportunities are created for your organization

    We see it as our task to keep up to date with new technologies and to inform you about the opportunities they create for your organization. We get to know your organization and the challenges you face in everyday life, and then use our in-depth knowledge of the possibilities in Microsoft's cloud platform to help you to realize new business opportunities.

    To help you and your organization find easily accessible information, we have created our Customer and Training Portal. Here you and your staff can find solutions and download useful resources to help you become more efficient in your daily work.

  • Areas of improvement and possibility of visual analysis

    As an Upheads customer, we help you identify areas of improvement for your IT. We log all cases in our CRM. All cases are categorized as either support or development and further in different categories such as client, Office 365, Azure etc.

    All data is then extracted in visual and interactive reports which provide the opportunity to analyze the details of how the environment works. What is the distribution of time between development and support? How does support look this year compared to last year? How has the distribution between different categories changed? We also have the opportunity to compare your organization with the general Upheads customer, to identify any areas of improvement.areas. This solid data forms the basis for our advice and is also invaluable in the follow-up of measures carried out, you can see in detail how effective the measures have been. Together with you we develop an action plan where we we identify areas for improvement, plan measures and ensure follow-up.

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