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Microsoft Loop

Price: 19 000 kr

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Longing you for to to collaborate, planning and brainstorm with your team from a single location - i real time?

Microsoft Loop is a new collaboration platform that breaks traditional document work by that enablinga seamless communication and collaboration between team members, regardless of where they are are.


Revolutionizing collaboration

In our in-depth workshop, we take a closer look at Microsoft Loop and its ability to revolutionize the way you collaborate. By exploring its features, we'll learn how you can bring tasks, planning, checklists and ideas together in one place, all in real time. Specifically designed to support the modern hybrid work environment, Microsoft Loop gives workgroups the tools they need to effectively coordinate and achieve their goals.

Tailor-made workshop

Our workshop offering is perfectly designed for organizations aiming to increase efficiency and collaboration through Microsoft Loop's innovative tools.

For whom? Our offer is aimed at organizations that 

  • Not fully exploiting the potential of Microsoft Loop due to obstacles such as lack of clarity about its functions or how it can be integrated into daily work.
  • Strive to improve their collaboration and planning work by incorporating Microsoft Loop's dynamic tools into their workflows.

What do we offer? The Upheads Workshop gives you the opportunity to: 

  • Explore how Microsoft Loop can optimize and improve your missions that require both collaboration and planning.
  • Get practical tips and best practices to maximize the use of Microsoft Loop in your daily work.
  • Ask questions and receive tailored and interactive guidance to solve your specific collaboration challenges.
  • Ability to create a robust and structured foundation for the organization's unique areas of work.
  • Tailor the productivity support within Microsoft Loop to exactly match your business or departmental goals and needs.

Our workshop will provide you with key insights and tools to transform your workplace into a more adaptable and high-performing digital environment.


Our process

  • Kick-off meeting: Here we talk about the goal of the workshop and set the schedule of participants and dates.
  • Customized workshop: A workshop where together we map your current way of working and identify your needs and goals.
  • Recommendations for next steps

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