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Upheads Contract Management

Structured management of business contracts is essential to keep track of important dates and terms. However, many companies still use traditional methods, resulting in scattered contracts in binders, filing cabinets and digital documents, making contract management time-consuming and complex.

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With Uphead's contract management, you get, among other things:

  • Quick overview of all company contracts
  • Automated reminder system
  • Rights management
  • Integration with Microsoft Teams and SharePoint intranet, simplifying communication and access within the organization.
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Gather all your contracts in one app

- included in our service Intranet as a service

With Uphead's contract app, you get a quick overview of all your contracts, you can follow up and get a cost picture per department, cost center or other optional parameter. By using our app, your company can save time and reduce workload through an automated reminder system, which ensures that contracts do not go unnoticed.

Using the app increases control over your contracts with real-time visibility, allowing managers to see what contracts exist, what they are for and when they expire. Secure control reduces costs by avoiding automatic renewal of contracts that are no longer needed or are too expensive.

Uphead's contract app also helps increase contract compliance and minimizes the risk of non-compliance. The app also provides valuable insights and statistics about the contracts with Power BI reports, enabling better decision-making and forecasting.

Why Uphead's Contract Management?

1. simple and efficient contract management, allowing users to quickly and easily create, manage and track contracts.

2. real-time visibility for management, providing insights into what contracts exist, what they apply and when they expire.

3. integration with Microsoft Teams and SharePoint intranet, to simplify communication and access within the organization.

4. cost-effective, with a fixed monthly cost regardless of the number of users.

5. mobile accessibility, which allows users to manage their contracts on the go.

6. automated reminder system, which ensures that contracts do not expire without attention.

7. compliance with rules, which minimizes the risk of non-compliance with the contracts.

8. User self-service, which allows users to manage their own contracts.

9. adaptable, to meet specific needs of different companies.

10. Secure, with secure connections and encryption of data to protect employee information.

11. possibility of integration with financial systems, to ensure accurate tracking of contracts and timely payments.

12. Power BI reports, which provide management and teams with valuable insights and statistics on the contracts, enabling them to make forecasts and therefore better decisions.

13. included in Uphead's intranet as a service, which provides organizations with a complete solution for managing contracts and communication within the organization.