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Inspiration from the cloud

Read inspiring blog articles, customer cases and news from Upheads. Here you will also find our recorded trainings and webinars, all to help you and your company develop with Microsoft's cloud services.

Published: 14.08.2018 -Blog

IT failures cost 44.1 billion - yet we don't call support

According to the 2017 Union survey on the everyday life of civil servants, 133.5 million working hours in the private sector were lost due to IT failures in the previous year. The working time cost amounts to SEK 44.1 billion. The reason is often that staff are reluctant to use competent IT support and instead rely on...

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Published: 19.06.2018 -Blog

Productivity, efficiency and savings with Microsoft Intranet

What is an intranet in 2018? Intranets today are used very differently from organization to organization and have almost become an outdated concept. We need to challenge old truths because intranets today can mean something completely different from what they used to. So what is the new generation of intranets and how should you build them to get the most out of them?

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Published: 24.05.2018 -Blog

How to make administration easier in the Microsoft 365 HR module

The HR role involves a lot of administration. This can range from managing personal data about employees, to contracts, wellness and sickness certificates. The data is often managed in a number of different systems, which means you have double or even triple information about the users or employees. With the HR module for...

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Published: 20.04.2018 -Blog

The process of identifying personal data - how to get help!

GDPR work can be divided into four key areas - identify, manage, protect and report. The GDPR Hub is a comprehensive solution that covers all these areas. It brings together all your documentation and gives you access to tools, support materials, apps and predefined processes for ongoing compliance work. Here we take a closer look at how...

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Published: 5.04.2018 -Blog

The rise of digitalization requires new skills and new partnerships

IT has long been seen as a support function and equated with the costs of running servers, managing clients and maintaining systems. At management level, the discussion has focused on whether the IT manager should sit on the management team, how much IT can cost and which systems need to be updated during the year. With the advance of digitalization...

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Published: 22.03.2018 -Blog

The tool that leads to GDPR compliance

A compliance manager is a tool that helps you manage the documentation required to achieve GDPR compliance. It shows how far you have come in your compliance efforts and also provides concrete advice on what you need to do to become compliant. Here is...

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Published: 22.02.2018 -Blog

Young people increasingly demand a mobile workplace

Today's young professionals have completely new expectations about what tools should be available in the workplace. Above all, it is about accessibility and mobility through digital tools, so that you can work wherever you are and are not limited to your workplace. - If you want to be present in...

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Published: 24.11.2017 -Blog

GDPR replaces the old Data Protection Directive, it's time to act.

For those who have not yet started preparing for the new General Data Protection Regulation, we recommend setting your alarm clock to early. The argument not to spend time and resources preparing for something you don't know what it will look like is no longer valid, the countdown has begun. It is true that no one...

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Comply with GDPR with Microsoft's cloud services

The workshop is aimed at those who are familiar with the GDPR and have basic insight and understanding of the regulation and its implications. You use or want to start using Microsoft's cloud services. Upheads will help you take advantage of the powerful solutions Microsoft offers.

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