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Microsoft Azure

Published: 16.03.2021 -Blog

Move to Azure - or get locked in on the outside.

Do you currently have traditional hosting through a partner or your own servers in the basement? Are you considering taking your business into a public cloud service? In this article, we give you the arguments and benefits that hopefully make it easier for you to make an active decision to move your IT environment to Microsoft Azure. 

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Published: 8.03.2021 -Blog | Customer cases

Kodexe chose WeSafe as a partner

Kodexe has over 20 years of experience in the digital world and call themselves true internet pioneers. Kodexe develops digital solutions and helps companies find new business opportunities. To get a head start in the digital market, Kodexe needed to work with someone who could handle operations and maintenance.

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Published: 8.03.2021 -Blog

How moving to Azure can create the right conditions for GDPR compliance

The benefits of migrating to the cloud are many and often scalability, less maintenance and reliability are highlighted as good reasons to take the step. But many are unsure whether the cloud can really create the right conditions for GDPR compliance. In this article, we explain how Microsoft Azure can contribute to GDPR compliance in your business.

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Published: 27.02.2020 -Blog

The challenges of working in two environments

Using traditional remote desktops to access business systems and other legacy apps used to be a great idea. That was before the rise of Microsoft's cloud services, which now makes maintaining dual environments far from optimal.

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Published: 9.01.2020 -Blog

How we help you with Azure Virtual Desktop

Many companies today rely on remote desktop solutions to use their older legacy applications. Until now, they have had to maintain dual environments in order to use modern productivity tools like Microsoft 365, costing time and money. For many companies, the solution is called Azure Virtual Desktop.

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