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Upheads Power Apps Collection

We create professional Power Apps that connect to existing systems. With experience from the start and an extensive template library, we offer cost-effective solutions within the unified Microsoft 365 platform.


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We offer

  • Guaranteed high speed for your applications
  • Development within your organization
  • Cost effective, no cost for basic development
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Why applications from Upheads and Power Apps?

We have extensive expertise and experience with Microsoft Power Apps. All solutions are developed in the Microsoft 365 environment and all data is in your environment. Since everything is developed in your own environment, no extra login or third-party solution is required.

There are many advantages for organizations to use Power Apps to develop and streamline the organization's business processes. By developing with building blocks that are already ready, development can be done by those within the organization who have insight into your business processes.

Read more about Power Apps from Microsoft here!

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[ Apps for your organization ]

  • Upheads Teams management

    • Fully integrated with Microsoft Teams
    • Simple process to request new teams with owners and members
    • Built-in approval process for requests to create teams in the organization
    • Get control and overview of the process of creating teams
    • Use ready-made templates to create new teams
  • Uphead's hybrid work

    • Fully integrated with Microsoft Teams
    • Employees set up where they work from. From home, which office or absent
    • Employees and managers can easily view their colleagues and their team's status.
    • Report on a daily or weekly basis
  • Upheads Visitor Management

    • Fully integrated with Microsoft Teams
    • Employees can create visit notifications
    • See all registered visitors centrally
    • Receive a notification when your visitor arrives
  • Upheads Absence management

    One of our most requested apps. The app is available in standard version and ready to use. We have also adapted the application to a variety of larger organizations with integration to 3rd party, such as HR systems.

    • Apply for leave
    • Reporting absences & discrepancies
    • Management of comp
    • Overview of the company's applications
    • Simple attestation
    • Reporting via mobile app

    Read more about Uphead's Absence Management here!

  • Upheads Contract Management

    Get a quick overview of all your contracts, follow up and get a cost picture per department, cost center or other optional parameter. Qualify your suppliers from a GDPR, security and environmental perspective. With the app, you ensure that no contracts expire/progress without being followed up.

    • Overview of all contracts
    • Contract reminders & tasks
    • Rights management
    • Process support for monitoring
    • GDPR, Security and environment qualification of suppliers and contracts
    • Compliance

    Read more about Uphead's Contract Management here!

  • Upheads Case management

    An app that you can easily use for different types of cases, depending on your needs. Users create cases to be followed up by e.g. IT, HR, Customer Service. Then the user can follow their cases, administrators can produce current statistics, etc.

    • Service & warranty
    • Aftermarket management
    • Traceability & Reports
    • The customer can see and follow the case
    • Time reporting and invoicing
    • Generate reports to customers
    • Generate tasks in planner
    • Generate ready-made e-mail messages from the current case
  • Upheads Procurement and equipment management

    Collect your purchase requests in one place. Get an overview of equipment that is not in use and may be available to others. In the app you can also get statistics on cost tracking and the possibility to book equipment.

    • Collect all requests for internal purchases
    • Responsible purchaser
    • Book equipment
    • Approving purchases
    • Cost monitoring
    • Inventory monitoring
  • Upheads Approval

    Set up a process for approving several different types of processes, documents, purchases, etc. This can include leave requests to the immediate manager, who in turn (automatically) sends approved vacation days to the payroll office.

    Approve documents and requests for e.g:

    • Contracts
    • Accounting documents
    • Purchasing
    • Leave applications etc.
  • Upheads Inventory

    The app gives you an overview of all your equipment, where it is located and the possibility of booking. You can also follow up when certain equipment is due for service or maintenance.

    • Comprehensive record of your equipment
    • Inventory accounting
    • Billing documents
    • Reports
    • Approval process
    • Who has what?
    • Regular reminders for any servicing etc. of equipment
  • Upheads Deviation management

    Report deviations in production, deliveries, etc. The deviations can easily be followed up and assigned within the organization and generate clear statistics for follow-up. With the app, you can also set reminders for follow-up.

    • Reporting deviations
    • Follow up deviations
    • Managing deviations
    • Statistics
    • Follow-up
    • Reminders
  • Upheads Complaints

    Manage incoming complaints. The complaints can be automatically received via a dedicated e-mail address, but can also be entered manually. These can easily be followed up and assigned within the organization and generate clear statistics for follow-up etc.

    • Report, follow up and manage complaints
    • Statistics
    • Follow-up
    • Generate ready-made e-mail messages to customers
    • Standardized process flow
    • Reminders
  • Upheads Management system

    With our Management System app, you can ensure that all your governance, management, routine and process documents are monitored, updated and published in one place. The management system has built-in support for version management, approval and automated headers/footers for metadata.

    • Document management
    • Revision process
    • Approval process
    • Version management
    • Automated headers/footers
    • Metadata management
  • Upheads Receipt/expenditure management

    Let your employees easily record their receipts and expenses. In the app, you can take photos of receipts, fill in the number of miles driven and report directly via the app. Administration can easily take out a list and also request that the nearest manager approve expenses before the information is sent to finance.

    • Management of receipts, mileage and allowances
    • Photo and file uploading
    • Create your own types
    • Reporting via mobile app
  • Upheads Office coverings

    The app allows you to ensure that there are not too many employees in a hybrid workplace.

    • Fully integrated with Microsoft Teams
    • Follow occupancy rates in one or more offices
    • Managing requests and the number of people who can stay in the office
    • Statistics on on-site staff, for planning future office needs
  • Upheads On/Offboarding

    The app gives you a standardized process for recruiting and terminating employees. You get an overview of which steps to perform, when and who will perform them.

    • Standardized process for HR/IT/Managers for new hires and terminated positions
    • Information on new staff
    • Communicate internally
    • Checklist for ordering software/hardware, keys, access cards, parking space, etc.
    • Management of digital resources
    • Conservation principles
  • Upheads Business ideas and proposals

    Businesses today need to harness the innovation and skills that exist within the organization. With the app, you can ensure that you work in a structured way to capture suggestions and ideas from employees.

    • Fully integrated with Microsoft Teams
    • Allow the organization to vote on the best and most prioritized ideas and proposals.
    • See ideas from other teams and colleagues

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