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Inspiration from the cloud

Read inspiring blog articles, customer cases and news from Upheads. Here you will also find our recorded trainings and webinars, all to help you and your company develop with Microsoft's cloud services.

Published: 10.01.2023 -Blog

How to manage your IT budget in tough times (checklist)

After years of economic growth, many companies have become accustomed to a much larger IT budget than they really need. Now that the economy is starting to decline, it is high time to review your IT costs. Start by mapping your IT use and its costs. Then estimate how your future needs...

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Published: 6.12.2022 -Blog

Passwords are insecure - so what do we do now?

We love to hate our passwords. There are far too many to keep track of and we are constantly fed new recommendations on how best to manage them to stay "safe". But the truth is that usernames and passwords are not a secure login method.

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Published: 5.10.2022 -Blog

7 simple security measures to protect yourself from attacks with Microsoft 365

Every year, small and medium-sized enterprises are exposed to attempted breaches. With the rapid development of technology, cyber threats and data breaches are also increasing rapidly. One million new cyber threats are discovered every day. In this article, we give you 7 tips on how you can easily use the built-in features of Microsoft 365 to increase your IT security.

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Published: 6.09.2022 -Blog

Customized process support in Microsoft 365

Do you need to automate, digitize and streamline processes in your organization? Then you are far from alone. But before you bring in a consulting firm to develop an app for you, find out if it can be done with the platform you already have.

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