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Microsoft 365 is a great solution, with many features and uses. With a workshop in Microsoft 365, we would like to give your employees a flying start or the opportunity to develop your existing use. Microsoft 365 simplifies and supports processes and tasks and creates a smoother way of working.

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Digitalization is happening at a rapid pace and one of our most important assets is our people. As technology advances, we need to ensure that our people's skills keep pace so they can use the tools effectively.

For us at Upheads, it is important that our trainings and workshops provide more than just technical skills. We want to inspire you to new ways of working that improve and streamline. We think it is important that you understand both how and why.



The purpose of our Microsoft 365 workshop is to introduce new employees or develop your existing employees to achieve maximum efficiency and productivity in your work.


Our workshop offers the following:

  • Get a thorough understanding of how Microsoft 365 can help you in your work and improve communication, collaboration, document management, tasks, projects and processes.
  • Get practical tips on how to use Microsoft 365 at work to increase productivity and efficiency.
  • Create a structure for document management and collaboration using tools such as Teams, OneDrive and SharePoint.
  • Customize productivity support according to your company or departmental needs and objectives.
  • Have the opportunity to ask questions and receive tailored guidance.
  • The workshop can lead to new insights and an improved setup of your Teams environment.


Location options: Uphead's office, Murmansgatan 120 in Malmö, via Teams or on site at your location!

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