Free security analysis of your Microsoft 365 environment

The rise of digital threats to business is clear. Regardless of the industry or size of your business, you must expect to be exposed to threats and intrusion attempts. At the same time, we can see that the average security in Microsoft 365 is low and many businesses have major security gaps. Therefore, we want to offer a free security analysis of your Microsoft 365 environment.

Security as a service

You can easily secure your environment and address the biggest security gaps. By doing so, you will protect yourself from attacks that too many organizations have suffered, often unnecessarily.

In our security analysis, you will have the opportunity to discuss your environment and setup with a cloud security expert during a free consultation hour. To get concrete and tangible tips on how to better protect your organization against:

  • Phishing / Account hijacking
  • Fraud against key personnel
  • Ransomware
  • Dissemination of sensitive material
  • Data loss


Why should I take the time for a security analysis?

In the best case scenario, you get concrete help on how to improve the security of your organization. In the worst case, which is really the best case scenario, you'll get confirmation that you've done an excellent job of protecting your organization against digital threats and can rest easy knowing that your environment is safe and secure. Either way, it's an hour well spent.


What happens after our meeting?

The consultation is non-binding and it is entirely up to you how you want to proceed after the consultation. You can choose to do nothing, use the tips to develop your environment yourself, get help from your existing partner or engage Upheads. We fully respect your choice and you decide when and if you want further assistance from us.


Why do Upheads do this?

The consultation gives us an opportunity to connect with you and demonstrate our knowledge in the field, while providing you with concrete benefits from our meeting. Feel free to contact us or recommend us to someone you know might need our help.


Book now, you won't regret it!

Free security analysis of your Microsoft 365 environment

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