Free Demo of Microsoft Viva - your new Employee Experience Platform

Our ways of working have changed and therefore new tools are required to meet the needs that arise when many people choose the new hybrid way of working. To create a smooth and efficient transition to the hybrid work environment, Microsoft has developed Microsoft Viva.   

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Microsoft Viva is Microsoft's own Employee Experience Platform where employee communication, engagement, well-being and knowledge are at the center. Microsoft Viva is the platform that enables the new hybrid workplace and is fully integrated with the productivity and collaboration features of Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams.

The platform provides businesses, managers and employees with the resources and support they need to succeed and thrive - wherever they are. Want to find out how? Sign up for our free webinar!


In about 30 minutes, we will cover the following topics:

  • Microsoft Viva and the different modules
  • Concrete examples of different uses
  • Microsoft Viva and beyond
  • Questions and answers


What happens after our meeting?

The webinar is not binding and it is entirely up to you how you want to proceed after our consultation. You can choose to do nothing, use the tips to develop your environment yourself, get help from your existing partner or engage Upheads. We fully respect your choice and you decide when and if you want further assistance from us.


Why do Upheads do this?

The consultation gives us an opportunity to connect with you and demonstrate our knowledge in the field, while providing you with concrete benefits from our meeting. Feel free to contact us or recommend us to someone you know might need our help.


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Time: about 30 minutes

Location: Teams, we will send you a calendar invitation with a connection link.

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Microsoft Viva-Your new Employee Experience Platform

We offer a demo of the entire Viva platform or you can choose from individual Viva modules.

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